Why Clean When You Can Relax.

​​          About Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning:

​License #13598

      Ultrasonic  is defined as any mechanical vibration that produces an acoustic wave at a frequency above audible range for humans.  This is set at about 40,000 cycles per second.  As this acoustic wave is induced into a liquid, it creates alternating high pressure and low pressure fronts to travel through the liquid.  These alternating fronts react with microscopic inclusions in the liquid to produce cavitation (the rapid formation and collapse of vapor pockets).  Since the power of cavitation is able to go wherever the liquid goes, the entire Blind assembly can be immersed in a bath and all surfaces, both internal and external will be cleaned at the same time.  
Get it Clean with Charlene  uses only ECO-FRIENDLY cleaners which destroy bacteria, removes pollen, dust and particles which can contribute to many  health issues.  We care about about our customers as well as the world we live in. 

ECO-FRIENDLY products are all natural and biodegradable keeping nature as it is intended to be.
      Our service call will include inspection of your blinds, removal, cleaned with our state of the art Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning System then returned to your home to be re-hung.  Or if you like, you can remove them and have them ready for us to pick up, clean and return to you.
      We clean many types of blinds including; Mini Blinds, Pleated Shades, Cellular Shades, Real
Wood Blinds, Faux wood blinds, Silhouette Shades, Laminate Shades, Vignette-Roman shade and ALL Types of Vertical Blinds as well.  

       If your Blinds are not becoming of you…  They should be coming to Charlene !